They say a vibrant mind goes along way with a strong body. However the youths of this generation are seriously channeling their strength and intelligence to the wrong direction.

Genius minds are being wasted on weed frenzies, liquor taking, mindless sex, coc sniffing and many other non~profiting ways of entertainment.

This is all happening at an age where its either you make it or you break it. Your twenties, is the perfect age time where you can use your vibrancy and energy to propell your dreams of your talent or career or even both. It’s the best time to make hay while the sun is shining. It’s the best time to go to the maximum, full I always say, go for the maximum velocity, its a free way untilyou get to your thirties.

Lets make wise decisions, be responsible for your future. Make your dreams come true. Live in your career world. Enjoy your youth while it lasts because there comes a time when you will look back and see every decision you made, and you will either regret or be greatfull that you made good moves in your youth times.


2 thoughts on “MAKE IT IN YOUR 20IES

  1. Working your dreams and having your career is sometimes very difficult, sometimes you don’t even know whether you have a dream because they don’t seem realistic and the fight is just too hard, you feel defeated and worthless, the only thing left is just live like it comes. I think we need more wisdom to make worthwhile sacrifices.
    You have a great column Mr. Ingoshe.


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