Are you an 8 to 5 kind of person ?.. Do you always get that morning feeling of “aaagh” another day of work?.. Do you always get frustrated and worked up during your working hours and is it hard for you to get solutions for problems you face in your work? The reason for this is simply starting your day on a wrong foot.

We all know a good start deserves a good end, and thats what the 8 to 5 community lucks,..a good start. The “aaagh” feeling in the morning when we wake up destroys your whole day.

I have been a victim of this situation for the longest period and it came a time i just had to change whatever needed to be changed because it was getting to a  point where the whole negativity was affecting my work. So i seeked advises from various people and one good friend told me to try starting my mornings​ with positivity, maybe some soft music, just the right volume to ease the “aaagh” feeling and creating a “wow” feeling that would put you in the right mood for the day and honestly to my disbelief it work for me..

I tried some worship songs in the morning. The likes of Hillsong, Bethel music, Jesus culture- and meeen do i tell you my days have been better than ever.. The feeling of peace and satisfaction and purpose driven mindeset fills you and before you know it you have already created a good you can be rest assured that your​ day will be just as awesome as it started. Even when you get ups and downs during the day you will probably have solutions at hand because you started ur day on a positive mindset. They say positivity is infectious as much as negativity, so the positive mindset that is created during​ you morning hours will affect all your activities of the day.

Music has done the trick for me. It’s​ up to you to know what can  work for you. Some people would prefer jogging, others yoga, or motivational talks or preachings​, others prefer silence and other read books, maybe Bibles or novels. It’s​ entirely up to your preference. I always​ greet my days with a smile knowing that no matter how rough or favourable the day will​ be, i will go through it with ease because of the positivity in me. How do i do it, you ask?.when i wake up.i just say this…

“Good Morning Good Day, i dont know whats at stake today but am sure by the time  i tell you goodnight I’ll have enjoyed every challenge you bring forth.” Try it and see the change guys​.


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