Any colour.. All day... Eeerday. You'd look good on the them... Timberlands. One of the shoe brands that will reign for ever. 


Stand in The Gap

The only weapon that God has given christians to use at anytime is PRAYER.  It's the only weapon that one is allowed to have friendly fires. Its the only weapon that doesn't need reloading. It's the only weapon that one can be assured that his/her enemies are going to suffer if they are a target. … Continue reading Stand in The Gap


They say a vibrant mind goes along way with a strong body. However the youths of this generation are seriously channeling their strength and intelligence to the wrong direction. Genius minds are being wasted on weed frenzies, liquor taking, mindless sex, coc sniffing and many other non~profiting ways of entertainment. This is all happening at … Continue reading MAKE IT IN YOUR 20IES